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laundry ball saves

The Laundry Ball.

Clean Clothes.

No Detergents.

YES, YOU CAN HAVE Clean Clothes Without Detergents!

By using the Smartklean Laundry Ball you can save money and the environment!

The Smartklean Laundry Ball helps conserve water and energy.

Simply toss it in the washer with your laundry! No more measuring, spills or accidental ingestion risks for children and pets. Compatible with all high efficiency (HE) and traditional front and top loaders.Are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to clean your clothes?

Are you looking for a way to save money?

One ball will do more than 1 year of laundry for the average user. It effectively washes 365loads of laundry without using any soap or detergents and replaces fabric softener and dryer sheets. Can conserve TONS of water per year. Conserves energy with shorter rinse cycles and no hot water necessary. Since 90% of the electricity used by washing machines often goes to heating the water, the laundry ball can save a significant amount of energy throughout its lifespan.

Do you hate pouring toxic chemicals on your clothes and down the drain?

The Smartklean Laundry Ball will leave no toxins in your water ecosystems. It is safe for septic systems. Safe for the whole family and for sensitive skin.

Save money, save water, save the environment, save you! Chemical cleaners cost a lot to buy, use, and cost the environment.

Now you have a real choice. If you just want to save money, or you are committed to a greener lifestyle, then you will LOVE the Smartklean Laundry Ball.

Be sure to call me or visit our website and discover how you can get your clothes clean and your whites white without using detergents. YES, it really works!

30 day money back guarantee.

"This is a testimonial in which one of your customers gives their positive review about your product and tell your audience to buy it."

Jane Doe, Athlete

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