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Clean Clothes, Without Chemicals

Quit Washing In Chemical Soups!

Easy. Economical. Ecological. Join the Klean Revolution.

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Clean Clothes Without Chemicals

Toxic chemicals are everywhere in our environment.

Do you really want to soak the clothes that you wear in chemicals, perfumes, petro-chemicals and detergents?

Your skin absorbs EVERYTHING. Consider what you place next to your skin, and your family's skin, every day.

There is now an option to washing your clothes in chemicals to get them clean. The SmartKlean Laundry Ball.

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Consider this...


  • Stop buying costly, harmful laundry detergents; cold water wash, no hot water needed, means lower electricity bills; save water with no rinse cycle needed, clothes last longer 


  • Eliminate all chemicals from your clothes, and no chemicals down the drain into the environment, no fabric softeners


  • Non toxic waste water, eliminate all chemicals from your wash water, cold water wash means less electricity


  • Chemicals wear out clothes faster and fade colors, helps clothes look and feel new longer


  • No chemicals or fabric softeners means hypo-allergenic against your skin and scent free


  • The laundry ball is re-usable hundreds of times (approx. 1 year of use*)

Our Product vs Theirs

Simple, clean, natural, easy, healthy, cost effective vs ...

Expensive & Toxic...

Why pay extra? 99.8% of North Americans use commercial household detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets and other chemical cleaners. With more and more studies coming out, people are finally starting to get the news: by using these chemical fabric softeners and other chemicals, you are exposing yourself and your family to toxic chemicals that could have dire long-term consequences which can harm health and the earth.


Petrochemicals! Eewwww!

Did you know? Most people aren't aware that their favourite detergents are not soap, they are petrochemicals derived from crude oil. So, though you may be paying up to $2.00 for a litre of gas, you are probably paying around $7-10 for a litre of detergent! This is because as oil prices go up, the raw materials for detergent goes up with it, and the end user ends up paying for it, never mind wearing it!

Natural Clean

All natural cleaning for your clothes.

No perfumes, No detergents, No petro-chemicals.

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30 day money-back-guarantee!

Try it. You'll be happy with the clean clothes and the savings, or your money back.

Real Clean...Home Show Hit

It's better for the health and well being of you, your family, your wallet and the environment. Unlike detergents, the SmartKlean Laundry Ball produces a toxic-free and soap-less wash by using physical properties rather than chemicals to clean. Derived from Earth’s minerals and plant-based ingredients, it contains no synthetic surfactants, petrochemicals, phosphates, GMO’s, parabens, pesticides, fragrances or allergens.

All natural cleaning for your clothes.

No perfumes, No detergents, No petro-chemicals.

No Detergent, Softener, Bleach

Eliminate chemicals entirely before, during and after the wash cycle. Saves money and no chemicals down the drain or on yours clothes.

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laundry ball no detergent

Cold Water Wash, Save Electricity Costs

No need for hot water washing, so no need to heat hot water, and no rinsing needed because there are no chemicals to rinse out.

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Makes Clothes Last Longer

Chemicals cause the colors to fade, harms elastics and clothing fibers.

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laundry ball no detergent

Save. Save. Save. Save. Save.

Money. Water. Electricity.Wear and Tear. Health. Environment.

Win. Win. Win. Win. Win.

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Some of Our Testimonials

Watch the short videos to listen in...

    It Works... Dakota H.

  • Users are always pleasantly surprised at the quality of clean and the savings in water, electricity that switching to the Laundry Ball can give them year in year out.

    The cost savings add up and the pollution to the planet goes down, now that is win-win!

Happy Customers Are Saying...

Michel D.

"I half skeptically purchased this product a few weeks ago. It’s been nothing short of amazing. You the drop the ball in, run the cycle, and your clothes are clean. I live with a chef, his clothes wreak after a day or two’s work. Our doubts were put to rest when his clothes came out perfectly fresh, time after time. I won’t be using detergents anymore, and I hope (for the sake of our planets, wallets and bodies) more of my friends and family will do the same."

Tania R.

"I love SmartKlean! My friend told me about it since she knows I am conscious of artificial chemicals and toxins that harm our bodies and planet. It’s been about six months now and I haven’t had to buy any other laundry cleaner- no more plastic bottles nor chemicals plus I have saved so much money! My laundry is clean, fresh and natural- I’m very happy and hope everyone hears of smartklean and switches to it so the oceans and rivers are protected"

Marion M.

"Smartklean is a one of a kind product that has been beneficial to me on many levels. After several weeks of using Smartklean I have not had one article of clothing damaged or discolored. It is very effective against stains that are difficult to deal with. I feel better about doing large amounts of laundry knowing that this product is environmentally smart. It lasts so much longer than any detergent on the market, making it extremely cost effective and a big money saver. I’ve recommended Smartklean to all of my family and friends who are now hooked. If you care about the quality of your clothing, the environment you live in and saving cash then Smartklean is definitely a fantastic buy."

Darren S.

"I just bought my Smart Klean washer Ball last week and with my health challenge ie M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) it has made doing laundry a whole lot easier. With detergents both liquid and powder I was spilling all the time because of shaking in my hands, now I just toss in the ball and leave it. If all I have to do is put it on the window sill for a few minutes a month, hay then that is what I will do.My cloths have never been cleaner. and doing laundry has never been easier. I will definately recommend the Smart Klean laundry ball to everyone I know and come in contact with."

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One Laundry Ball

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!*

SPECIAL $15 flat shipping rate

  • 1 for Regular Loads

  • Lasts for 100's of loads

  • Safe and effective

  • $95/two

    Two Laundry Balls

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee!*

    SPECIAL $15 flat shipping rate

  • 2 for Heavy Loads

  • Give a gift

  • For travel

  • For the cottage

  • No expiry date

  • $180/four

    Four Laundry Balls

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee!*

    SPECIAL $15 flat shipping rate

    • Great gifts

    • Loaners

    • Backup

    • Commercial applications

    the laundry ballthe laundry ball
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    30-Day Money Back Guarantee! * SPECIAL SHIPPING excludes return shipping cost.

    We Ship to Canadian Addresses Only... *

    Returns can only be accepted in original packaging with your receipt.

    The (30) day guarantee begins on the date you receive your product.

    We have tremendous faith in our product and we're sure you will love it. Put it to your laundry test


    A single (1) SmartKlean® Non-Detergent Laundry Ball:

    is recommended for normal loads (@18 lbs).

    Spring and summer washer loads typically lighter weight because they contain t-shirts, shorts and other light, warm weather apparel. One (1) laundry ball is suitable.

    Two (2) SmartKlean® Non-Detergent Laundry Balls:

    are recommended for larger loads (greater than 18 lbs).

    Because fall and winter loads typically contain heavier flannels, sweatshirts and other heavy, cold weather apparel, using two (2) laundry balls are suggested.

    Join the SmartKlean Revolution! for a "greener" planet.

    We love it! And we know you will too!   

    Years Of Use

    The Laundry Ball has been in use for years, over a decade, and washed millions of loads for 10s of thousands of happy users.

    Each Laundry Ball lasts for about 365 wash cycles - thats less than 14 cents per load.

    We use advanced understanding of science to clean your clothes not chemicals.

    Try it, you'll like it (yes it cleans white!).

    Big Savings

    The Laundry Ball has saved millions of gallons of water, thousands of hours of electricity and thousands of pounds of detergent from harming the environment.

    Environmentally friendly in every way.

    Save money while you save the environment (and no packing heavy home laundry detergent regularly)